Christopher Mobley

GRO transforms a menswear brand inspired by 3 generations of family tradition to represent today’s modern style.

The Story

For decades, the Mobley family has been known to be the leader in luxury men’s clothing in the city of Tuscaloosa. Chris and his son Christopher are masters in helping anyone from business professionals to top-tier athletes look dapper for any occasion, whether it be everyday moments  or life-changing events. As the times have changed, so has luxury men’s fashion. Dress slacks and loafers still have their place, but more modern elements like 5-pocket pants and dress sneakers with white soles have exploded in popularity, especially for the businessman on-the-go. Chris and Christopher always dreamed of developing a new concept to cater to these modern fashion trends – without sacrificing the tradition of Mobley name. The Mobley family sought out GRO to turn this vision into a reality.


To create a brand that would be appealing to the modern man on-the-go while paying homage to the Mobley family name. The logo design includes an M which represents the Mobley name and three pillars within the M that represent the three generations of Mobley family clothiers. The simplicity and sleekness of the logo, along with the circle encompassing it, represent the new, modern take on the Mobley brand.

Once the brand’s identity was built, we then focused on creating an advertising strategy to introduce the brand, promote their new store opening, and drive revenue through their online store.


Christopher Mobley has quickly become one of the most popular places to shop for young professionals and men looking for quality, stylistic everyday wear. Their signature logo hat continues to sell out, and you can find their logo on hundreds of gameday polos and pullovers proudly worn at Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, and Texas athletic events. Recently, the brand has received national exposure on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show when Matthew McConaughey was shown wearing one of Christopher Mobley’s signature Texas gameday polos.

Digital Campaign Results (ongoing)


Unique People Reached

1 Million+

Ad Impressions Served


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