Digital marketing Case Study

Crovetti orthopaedics

the story

increased lead volume

For more than 20 years, Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (COSM) has been providing quality and proven orthopedic care for the Las Vegas Valley. When it comes to innovation, Crovetti Orthopaedics is leading the charge. Dr. Michael Crovetti is known in the Las Vegas community for developing new Orthopedic instrumentation and surgical devices have dedicated his career to training surgeons throughout the world on disorders and new technologies for hip and knee surgeries.

Our Approach & solution

rebuilding from scratch

GRO partnered with a local Las Vegas agency that was looking to increase the performance of one of their existing clients, Crovetti Orthopaedics. After GRO reviewed the previous marketing vendor’s campaign data, they confirmed that the account was indeed being mismanaged, but also saw a massive opportunity to turn things around.

GRO cleaned the slate and rebuilt Crovetti’s Google Ad campaigns from scratch. Instead of using a broad and loose targeting approach to paid search ads like the previous marketing vendor, GRO chose to be extremely strict, while amplifying relevant reach. More focus and budget were put towards a significantly smaller number of keywords and a substantial amount of negative keywords were implemented to shield as much unqualified traffic away from the Crovetti website as possible.

The Results

produced leads at a lower cost

SFG wanted the cost per lead amount from the paid search campaign to at least match their cost per lead amount that they were generating with their offline marketing tactics. GRO successfully met the cost per lead mark, AND THEN SOME. In fact, GRO’s search campaign was producing leads at a cost of 60% less than the offline marketing tactics!! 

The success of the niche campaign has allowed SFG to invest more budget into search advertising and additional campaigns promoting their other life insurance products…those campaigns are also generating leads at a cost below their target goal.

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