Case Study

Rose Office Systems

GRO implements a multi-channel marketing strategy for Rose Office Systems that results in a cost per conversion reduction of 55%!


Over the last two decades, Rose Office Systems has established itself as a leader in the modular building industry throughout the Southeast United States. They’re most well-known for their incredible commercial modular office buildings, but they also are one the most reputable modular medical clinic and specialty healthcare building companies in the surrounding area.

Rose Office Systems approached GRO out of concern that their current marketing agency wasn’t managing their marketing campaigns up to their expectations. GRO was provided access to their campaigns and confirmed that the campaigns were not being provided the TLC that Rose deserved. The campaigns were on a set-it-and-forget-it strategy that resulted in poor interaction rates and high cost per conversions. GRO was confident that they could immediately improve performance. Rose Office Systems gave them the green light and off they went.


GRO cleaned up Rose’s paid search campaigns by weeding out poor quality expensive keywords, improving ad copy, and adding Bing as an additional search platform (Bing’s CPCs are usually lower in cost). To add another tactic to the strategy, GRO launched a programmatic display campaign that targeted business owners who may be in need of a modular office building. In addition, a retargeting campaign was launched so that previous website visitors who failed to convert would continue to receive ads about the benefits of choosing Rose Office Systems for their modular building project.


In just the first month of launching the new campaigns, Rose Office Systems saw their cost per conversion decrease by 41%! Every month since the launch, the cost per conversion has continued to decrease. Four months in, the cost per conversion for Rose Office Systems is now 50% less than what they were paying when working with their previous vendor. GRO helped Rose Office Systems cut their cost per conversion in half!

Digital Campaign Results (ongoing)

41% less

Cost per conversion decrease after the 1st month since launch

55% less

Cost per conversion decrease after the 4th month since launch


GRO’s cost per conversion was 60% lower than the goal set by Rose at campaign launch.

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