Marketing Minutes & Trends – December 2020

Everything you need to know about December 2020 marketing insights to make you a better, smarter marketer.

Many have likely learned a new skill during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, with numerous companies and colleges offering free online learning platforms to encourage skillbuilding as a productive pandemic passtime and a way to build your resume during these unprecedented times. It’s recommended to keep your resume and professional profiles up-to-date so you can easily and often review to refocus your goals and career path. According to LinkedIn’s Jobs of Tomorrow report, the demand for soft skills is likely to increase as automation becomes more widespread. Skills like communication, creativity, and collaboration are all virtually impossible to automate. Which to those of us in Agency Land, that’s good news. While many industries have buckled due to coronavirus, marketing and digital advertising spend has increased and thrived. Speaking of keeping your resume updated, LinkedIn’s new feature takes skill showcasing to a new level.

LinkedIn Adds Product Pages

LinkedIn is the powerhouse social platform when it comes to networking and recruiting, with the platform receiving over 100 million job applications submitted every month. Did you know 79% of marketers also see LinkedIn as a very good source of leads? Your business profile is how you connect your company and products with your audience on LinkedIn of other companies, potential clients, and prospective talent. Product Pages are new to LinkedIn this month, and aim to enhance that connection. Product Pages are a separate tab on your company page to highlight your company’s products and services, and to specify which roles best fit the product’s purpose. Qualified candidates that fit your desired description will show up as a sidebar of the Product Pages, and will pull in relevant, related pages to yours as well.

“These additional features are beneficial for both recruiting and job searching purposes,” said Chelsea Davis, Social Content Strategist at GRO. “Candidates have further access to explore the company they are applying to, and makes it easy to view qualified candidates on the recruiting side.”

Currently, LinkedIn’s Product Pages are only available across the B2B software category, but there are plans to add more industries in the coming year. We can’t wait for the option to add our marketing agency services to our page when available!

Agencies to Exceed 2019 Revenue by End of 2020

In the spring of 2020, the future looked grim for most businesses and industries affected by the coronavirus. And while many agencies reported they lost money earlier this year, CallRail’s call data report shows that most agencies will finish 2020 with higher annual revenues than in 2019.

MarketingWeek found that though challenges remain, agencies are confident. Despite well-established client relationships and a strong financial foundation, challenges remain for agencies, the top two were finding new clients (48%) and generating more revenue from existing clients (42%).

“The fact that most agencies will exceed their 2019 revenue during this year after so much uncertainty is optimistic,” said Abby Beene, Account Manager at GRO. “That means most companies that use a marketing agency didn’t scale back their online marketing budgets, which hopefully means digital spend will continue to trend upward.”


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