GRO helps PediPocket smash previous Holiday Sales numbers with a multi-funnel social advertising campaign.

The Story

PediPocket has burst on the scene as one of the most sought after blankets on the market due to its super comfiness and genius foot pocket. These long, plush blankets have been featured on The View, Good Morning America, Forbes, The Boston Globe and Buzzfeed. The PediPocket team contracted GRO to help them increase their online sales and ROAS during the holiday season. GRO was up for the challenge.


The GRO team ran a series of advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook that spoke to consumers during their different stages of the buying cycle. Consumers that never heard of the PediPocket blankets were served educational ads showing off the features of the blanket. Those who showed interest in the blankets (visited the PediPocket website) were served retargeting ads featuring aggressive sales promotions and calls to actions. The GRO team also knew that the holiday season meant that consumers would see hundreds of ads during their social journeys, so their ads needed to stand out. Instead of going the static ad route, the GRO team shot a series of high-definition videos to differentiate themselves from the other advertisers. In the end, the strategy worked! 


During the week of Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday of 2019, GRO knocked it out of the park! PediPocket saw significant improvements in their campaigns and sales compared to 2018’s numbers. The client has heavily increased ad spend due to the success of the campaign.


Increase in return on ad spend


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in cost per sale


Increase in users reached


Increase in gross sales


Increase in sales w/ 27% less investment

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