Win & Retain Students.

Student housing sure has changed over the years. The expectations of the college living experience for both the student and the parent has gone from level 5 to 100. Cracker Jack box-sized student apartments have been overtaken by massive student “resorts” with amenities that rival 5-star hotels.

With the bar being lifted so high, it’s crucial for a student housing community to develop a brand and communication strategy that stands out from the rest. That’s where we come in.

Over the last decade, GRO has worked with student housing communities all over the country develop their identity and execute multi-channel marketing strategies that win and retain students. Here’s a few reasons why the best in the industry choose to work with GRO.


Why Choose GRO?

Ownership Mentality

We treat every single dollar that you invest in your marketing like it’s our own. You’ll never have to worry about your ad dollars being recklessly spent trying to “figure things out.” We carefully plan out your marketing strategy so that your investment is only allocated towards tactics that generate opportunities.

Results Driven

Our success is not defined by the number of clicks and impressions your ads receive. We’re laser-focused on major KPIs that truly move the needle for your business, such as the number of leads generated, conversion rates, acquisition costs and ROI per marketing tactic.

Team Players

A large portion of our success comes from the ability to form awesome relationships with property on-site teams. GRO believes in frequently communicating with these teams because they have a true pulse on the market. Constantly hearing intel on competition and market changes allows us to deliver more relevant marketing messages.


When working with us, your team will become better marketers, period. You will gain an understanding of all the tools and tactics that will be used to drive your marketing strategy and learn how they are important to your success.


We believe that if you sit still, then you might as well be going backwards. We constantly implement the latest and greatest marketing trends and tactics that will help you influence customers on their path to purchase and give you that needed edge over your competition.


We’re transparent with our entire marketing operation. We’re not shy about disclosing our management fees and campaign performance. That’s why we give our clients 24/7 access to their campaign and website data. If you’re doing things right, then you should have nothing to hide.

Case Study

The Nine at Tallahassee and Rio achieve 100% the fastest in their markets! Read the case study now. 
Student Housing Case Study

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